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I find it very fitting that our first project was for Swampcandy, a local delta blues band that is on the rise and ready to break out into the world at any minute. Swampcandy is very dear to Sugar Farm Productions. Ruben Dobbs, the creator of Swampcandy, well, he’s my fiancee and Joey Mitchell, his right hand man and bad ass bass player, is Becca’s boyfriend. So you could say that we spend ALOT of time with these guys. We have been known to pack up our gear and go on road trips to film these guys in little towns. We have been known to give up many of our  nights to editing footage and planning our photo and video shoots. We have been known to work for free. Oh, but we love them so, and we love what we do and believe that this project is going to be amazing for all involved. Joe, Ruben’s long-time friend, has created all of the designs for Swampcandy. From CD covers to T-shirts and even whiskey glasses, all the artwork you see is done by Joe. You can check out the designs on the Swampcandy website.

So, when Swampcandy was ready to begin recording their new album (set to come out summer of 2012), Ruben asked Becca and I to be there to film the entire process and Joe to be the art director. Ruben is an artist, and his ideas are not small ideas so when he presented his plan to us, we weren’t surprised by the complexity or the craziness of it all . He said that he was bringing in a recording engineer (Alex DeTurk) from NYC, who was going to record live recordings in a barn on the farm where Ruben grew up. In addition to the live recording, we would be filming a few scenes at dusk and B roll of the camping (we had about 15 people on the crew-everyone from musicians to guy in charge of BBQ) So we all agreed, and the planning began.

I won’t give up all the details just yet, some things need to be left for the release of a full length “making of” their upcoming album “Midnight Creep.” I will tease you with this. Our crazy artist friend, Walker Babington (who had just graduated from stunt school) was lit on fire for one scene. Walker also lit a piano (as it was being played) on fire by running into it and that piano also burned to the ground as several of our musician friends jammed with some old time music around the fire. What more could you ask for?

The second half of the recording/filming will be taking place mid April at a location that we just scouted this week. I can tell you that after walking the grounds of this stunning spot this is going to be pretty amazing. We are all so excited to get filming and recording again!

Go check out the trailer below that Becca put together last week to get a taste of what’s to come. You can also check out Swampcandy every Tuesday night at Rams Head in Annapolis, MD (except for the month of May when they will be touring up and down the East Coast).

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