Behind the Scenes Video of a Wedding Style Shoot with Readyluck | Baltimore, MD

This past August I was delighted to work with photographer Lindsay Hite of Readyluck in Baltimore, Maryland. She had come up with a fun and colorful styled wedding shoot and rounded up some of the best vendors in our area to participate in what was a long day of fun! It was so great to film something for fun and not have a “agenda” for once! All the vendors that we got to work with (see list and links below) were a pure blast and full of creative juices. It’s amazing how creative types can feed off eachother’s energy in a setting like that. We were just featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs Rock N Roll Bride where you can view the amazing shots that Lindsay took of our awesome models Diamond and Lauren. Please take a moment to watch our behind the scenes video below and click on the link to above view the blog post by Rock N Roll Bride as well as check out the cool vendors that were involved. Enjoy the confetti filled day!

Readyluck Sugar Farm Productions from Sugar Farm Productions on Vimeo.

Photography and Concept: Lindsay Hite, Readyluck
Photo Assitant/Model/Stylist: Diamond Dixon
Hair/Makeup/Model: Lauren Ruth Ward
Cinematography: Alison Harbaugh, Sugar Farm Productions
Makeup: Jennifer Tanko
Flowers: Local Color Flowers
Hats: Two Black Flats
Gowns: Garnish Boutique
Props: Curiosity 

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