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I was so disappointed on the night of the Super Moon. My mom and I had packed up our cameras and headed out to one of my favorite spots along a river in the Southern part of the county to catch it in all it’s glory. She was going to photograph it and I was going to film it. We waited and waited and waited, and no moon. I even yelled at the clouds a few times to get out of the way, but they had other things in mind that night.

So the next night I found myself on a beach in Bay Ridge (Annapolis, MD) sitting around a bonfire on a dark windy night after a good friends book release at her home, and there it was, that big beautiful moon rose over the Bay in all it’s glory. Too bad, moonrise was after dusk that night which made for not so great footage, but it was still a magical moment.

That magical moment began earlier that evening even before the moon showed it’s big round face to us. The book that was making it’s debut was “Indigena”, a novel celebrating the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and written by my wonderful friend Cynthia Dawn.

About 40 friends had gathered in her beautiful home overlooking the Chesapeake Bay to hear the beautiful music of Bob Sima and hear Cynthia Dawn read excepts from her new book.

I was asked to film the event so no need to talk anymore about it, go buy the book, watch my film from the evening and join me in a moonrise that will make you smile.

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