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A Wooded Affair | Documentary Wedding Photography Maryland

It’s not often that I get to shoot a wedding purely for fun. Over the summer, I got a phone call from my husband’s best friend Marcie. He and Marcie have been friends forever and we were super happy to get the call saying that she was engaged to Adam and that they were getting married in the wooded area behind their home in Floyd, VA just one month after he and I were to tie the knot (Marcie was Ruben’s best “man”).

She described what she had in mind for the day, a wooded wedding with all natural details and a small guest list (about 75 people). I was so excited that she asked me to shoot this, and even better, she asked Ruben to be her officiant. I love working weddings with him, there is something awesome that happens when we get to work together on something, especially when it’s for two people who mean the world to us.

If you have never been to Floyd, VA, you are missing out. It is in this quaint mountain town that I have had some awesome times and memories. From meeting the friendly faces, to hearing great blue grass music in the streets, eating Adam’s cooking, visiting friends who have moved away from Annapolis for a simpler life and hiking in the woods, this place is a perfect escape from the chaos that life brings.

The other reason I was super psyched about their wedding was that Adam would be catering it! When Ruben and I got married at the end of Sept (which we will be blogging about very soon!), Adam was our caterer. He owns his own catering company, Two Trees Catering, and his food is to die for. But, as most brides can tell you, we never seem to get to really eat the food at our wedding as we are dragged from place to place greeting our guests. Adam, was catering his own wedding (with the help of some very good friends) and made sure to include some of our favorites so that we would have  a second chance at eating this food that we so love…isnt’ he the BEST!

Marcie and Adam with the help of their very talented friends, created a magical space behind their mountain home. A beautifully crafted arbor made from twigs and vines, hanging lanterns in the trees, white lights strung from the trees and three fire pits around the area. It was a cozy evening to say the least.

There were three moments that stick out in my mind as the most genuine and memorable moments, the kind that brings a tear to your eye AND gives you goosebumps. The first one was during the ceremony, where my husband, who is always full of surprises, put the couple on the spot and instead of having a typical ceremony (because he knew they could handle it) we asked them the Who, What, Where, When and Why of their story. The answers that came out of this public discussion were sincere and moving, I certainly found a giant grin on my face the whole time as did the rest of the friends and family witnessing the event. The second moment was when Marcie knelt down next to Adam’s daughter and made her vow to her as her new “mom” and presented her with a beautiful engraved necklace. I don’t think anyone there at that moment had a dry eye. It was beautiful. Finally the finale of the night and something that will always make me smile was when Marcie and Adam took the “stage” under the tent and preformed three songs together (both singing and playing guitar). The coolest part was that Adam taught Marcie how to play the guitar over the past year and it was her first time performing in front of people. They nailed it and wowed everyone that was there.

My wish is that I get to continue shooting weddings with such meaning and love. It goes to show you that a big, expensive wedding is just that, money spent and lots of extras, but a simple wedding in the woods can remind everyone around the couple the true meaning of marriage. Thank you Marcie and Adam for that wonderful reminder and experience. Much love.


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