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Swampcandy: The Making of Midnight Creep

Two years ago, some talk started developing between the band Swampcandy and Sugar Farm.  They wanted us to document/make a little video of the making of the album that they were about to record as a way to promote the album when it was finished. As all good ideas happen, it started to gain momentum as the project was underway and our ideas became bigger and bigger. The film, which was finally finished and released in early April to a awesome audience at Metropolitan in Annapolis followed by a live show by the band playing the entire new album “Midnight Creep” from front to back.

We filmed at basically two locations, and the band recorded half of their album at one and half at the other. The first location was in the hayloft of an old farm in Harford Co. The original plan was to film and record in the barn, which was larger and more manageable for two roaming cameras, 2 band members, a lighting/art director and a sound engineer, not to mention a few other musicians/hand clappers from time to time. The actual spot which we decided on because of acoustics for recording was a very small and very hot hay loft. The second location was an old estate in Southern Anne Arundel County in Maryland. Again, the location was chosen based on the sound…we were basically just along for the ride and had to make magic out of whatever we were given. This second was in the main stairway/foyer of the home, it was a more comfortable space to work in, but the lighting was dark, the wires (from the recording) snaked all around us and every little step we took a floor board would squeak. So much of the filming at that location came in the form of creative vignettes that the crew thought up and had a little fun with.

The film making process was almost complete 100% organic. We planned a few moments, but in the end, nothing goes as planned and some moments created themselves which resulted in some really cool events….such as lighting our friend who is a stuntman on fire….twice. A bunch of musician friends came out to support the band and created this really great campout kind of atmosphere complete with bonfire (in which we burned a piano), bbq and lots of jam sessions.

Our three person film crew learned a ton of lessons with this giant project as our first undertaking, but we are psyched with the results and encourage you to take a look at our film and most of all to check out this awesome band! We plan on doing another edit and submitting the shorter version to film festivals very soon!

To download a copy of the film go to Vimeo on Demand

To listen to and purchase music from the band: or look for them on iTunes



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