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Gina and Me | Baltimore Independent Film Photoshoot

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated our blog, but this summer has been quite a whirlwind with some great jobs coming our way and some much needed down time spent on vacation…imagine that! We were asked to do a photo shoot recently for a film that is currently being made in Baltimore called “Gina and Me“. The direction that we got from the director was that they needed an album cover for one of the main actors (Sydney) who plays an Indie singer songwriter “Gina” who had a bit of edge to her. After shooting alongside the crew for two days, to get some on the set stills, Alison began to understand the character and started to think up some ideas for an album cover. One morning, she woke from a dream that included some interesting references to taxidermy. Listening to her gut, she went with it and the creative process began. She contacted Fegan’s Taxidermy  in Edgewater. MD and all was set. They were amazing to work with and their pieces were beautiful. Big thanks to the guys over there for helping us out with such a fun shoot! Also a big thank you to Lisa Shires for assisting with the lighting!

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