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Hello all!
LC and Alison here to tell you about how much fun we had at Rory and Corey’s wedding back in August…

AH: I’ve known Corey since High School and when I got the call from his fiance Rory earlier this year asking me to shoot their wedding I was elated! Rory is actually friends with many of the people I know here in Annapolis and I hadn’t seen Corey in years so it was cool to have my two worlds collide. The couple currently lives in Brooklyn, so I didn’t get to meet Rory until the day of her wedding!

We were so psyched to shoot this wedding because they are both such creative spirits and have fun spirited vibe to them. Rory is actually a clothing designer and also creates beautiful leather sculpted accessories, which she wore in her hair on her wedding day and her bridesmaids wore on their wrists. The Sugar Farm team was ready for a funky fashion shoot!

Besides the two of us, we also worked this wedding with Becca as the second videographer and Lindsay, as our second photographer.

During the getting ready portion of the day, Rory was one of the most cool, calm and collected brides we’ve ever met. Doing her own makeup, fixing her own dress and hair…

LC:  She has such a beautiful and striking look with her makeup and hair and just her general poise. I actually complimented her lipstick color that day and Corey told me, “That’s what she wears everyday!” Wearing such a bold color everyday really tells a lot about her personality but also that she just wanted to look like herself on her wedding day. The whole day had this beautiful artistic feeling without having to overdo it. From her stunning dress by Vera Wang to her Alexander McQueen shoes that blew us all away.

The shoes were tall platforms and I was hoping that it wouldn’t hold us back from the shots we wanted to get, but she just rocked it, she was a complete trooper and Corey actually said, “oh, please, she walks around Brooklyn in these kind of shoes every day,it’s no big deal!”

AH: After the ceremony we went up to the Grotto area and lookout over Emmitsburg, MD for the posed wedding party photos and the view was so stunning, a perfect backdrop for this couple!

Pulling up to Corey’s father’s home for the reception, was a great feeling. The property was beautiful and sat along the Conewago Creek, where LC and Lindsay rocked some amazing portraits of the couple standing on a rock in the creek.

LC: It was the portrait shoot I never knew I wanted to take. It had a very editorial feel to it. I loved the juxtaposition of this modern yet classic bride and groom and this really natural space. It was also nice to give them this quite time alone and let them be married and alone without the guests being right there.

AH: I think the most touching part of the day was Corey and his sister’s dance.

LC: Absolutely.

AH: Corey’s mother was not able to be at his wedding because of her health so instead of the traditional mother-son dance, Corey danced with his older sister to “The Rainbow Connection”. I don’t think there was a dry eye under the tent at that moment, I actually had a hard time holding my video camera still because I was sobbing. It was a really really touching moment to witness.

LC: I loved how they both were tearing up and then laughing at each other for crying and then crying some more. There was a lot of crying, hugging and laughing. It was a really beautiful thing to see and it really told the story of their family. My favorite picture is at the end of the dance, corey is hugging his sister and you can see Rory in the background looking on with so much sympathy and I thought that was a beautiful moment and I was glad that I captured it that way.

AH: Another great part of the reception was the food! Their friend catered the wedding and it was some of the best and unique food at any wedding I’ve been to.

LC: Yeah, and you can’t even put a label on it, it was all kinds of ethnicities and spreads.

AH: And cotton candy! I don’t think one person left that tent that night hungry. The buffet table wrapped around the entire back half of the tent.

I also loved the song that they picked for their first dance. It was so ethereal and meaningful to them and it was just so nice to watch them dance to it.

Becca and I actually were so moved by it that we included in their personal edit of their wedding video, unfortunately, we can’t show that one to the public because we couldn’t get rights to the song, but we couldn’t let it go and really wanted them to have that for their personal memory.

LC: I think my favorite part of the day was the overall confidence that the bride and the groom had, there was just something, they were just so sure of themselves and they are comfortable in their eclectic tastes and music choices and the way they dance… the whole day was like that.

Congratulations to you Rory and Corey, thanks so much for trusting Sugar Farm with your most awesome day! Much love to you both in the future!


Rory + Corey Wedding Highlight from Sugar Farm Productions on Vimeo.

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