ALI: owner, photographer, videographer

I have red hair which makes me feel like I have super powers and my freckles make me smile every morning. Music and art is what drives me and I’ve found my perfect match in my musician husband Ruben (also known as Swampcandy). I am a newlywed whose wedding included fire eaters, stuntmen, funnel cake and a large stage for all the awesome bands we know. Being married is awesome and am happy to be committed to something other than my pet turtle Sebastian, who has been with me for the last 20 years…yes, 20 years!

In 2001 I received a degree in  Graphic Design Communication from Philadelphia University. My first job was as assistant sports photographer at the US Naval Academy + The Baltimore Ravens. From there I went to the local newspaper where I was a photojournalist for 3 years. 7 years ago, I left the newspaper and started my first business: Freckle Photography. Besides siting behind the wheel of  Sugar Farm Productions, I am also an assistant teacher with Vision Workshops and have just teamed up with a history professor on a lifelong project called Memorial Ink: Tattoo Tributes to Fallen Soldiers. I am and will always be a proud member of ASMP: Baltimore.